BetMGM Sports Conversion testing


BetMGM Sports Conversion testing

The Challenge

With sports betting recently becoming legalised within the US, it was important to BetMGM to ensure their conversion funnel was as easy and seamless as possible for users to ensure they captured a competitive market share.

We worked with the product team to design a usability test looking at all aspects of the conversion funnel to uncover any potential pain points of blockers in the process.

The Solution

We conducted 9 remote usability tests with participants from Colorado exploring the journey of finding the correct app, signing up, and through to placing their first bet.

To enrich the findings further, we also conducted the same journeys on two separate competitor apps for comparative testing. This allowed us to draw comparisons and understand what competitors were doing.


Through this piece of research we were able to identify the key areas for confusion, and allowed the client to make slight design changes to ensure that the journey from searching for the app, to placing a bet was as streamlined and easy as possible.