ROAR Casino customer & usability research


ROAR Casino customer & usability research

The Challenge

Gambling giant MGM recently released their BetMGM sports betting app in the USA following the legalisation of sports betting there. We worked with BetMGM conducting customer and usability research to stide for continuous improvement of their apps, and ensuring it meets users’ needs. This usability project was to explore the registration, bonus retrieval and navigation throughout their casino betting app (Borgata), identifying the problem areas, and providing design solutions to solve these.

The Solution

Our researchers worked with the client product team to gather research requirements and gain continual input throughout the test design stage, ensuring the research aims were aligned with their expectations, and providing useful and actionable findings. To enrich our research, we conducted tests on the competitors’ apps to allow us to compare their navigation journeys to discover if there are any aspects of them that users prefer which we can learn from.

Although our tests are preferably done in-person, our adaptable approach to conducting the session allowed us to utilise screensharing via a video call to allow research to be run remotely. The researcher instructs the user to complete various tasks based off a carefully constructed script, and is there to converse over topics which the users deems important.

Each test call is recorded to allow us to conduct thorough analysis of all interviews, and from this produce in-depth findings and solutions.


For the final product of this piece of research, we produced a findings deck which outlined the test and participant demographics, stated the findings and finally produced low fidelity mock up screens to indicate our design solutions.
In addition, we conducted a survey which was sent out to targeted customer segments to further validate findings that were echoed throughout the usability tests.
These design solutions are in the process of being analysed and incorporated into the Borgata app.
Following implementation, it is possible to track KPIs relating to these design solutions to calculate their impact.